Hello and thanks for stopping by!  As I realtor in the Wichita market for the last 12 years, I've found myself working with a wide variety of home buyers and sellers.   Trying not to stick with one particular price point, I've sold homes as high as $3,800,000 and as low as $32,000.   What I find true in EVERY instance is this: everyone needs a highly trained professional, someone who cares about them and who cares about getting it right.  Let me be that person for you.

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Elizabeth Barker

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I don't know much about the company, but our agent, Liz Barker, is amazing.  She is professional, has excellent knowledge of Kansas real estate and made sure that all went well from start to finish.   She was not only involved in the transaction of closing, but in finding the perfect house from looking at homes, to offers to the actual purchase and closing.  

Robb Reeves